Improving everyday life

I'm Roy van Rooijen and I believe in the power of design. Almost everything around us is designed. I see room for improvement in large systems as well as in the smallest details of the everyday things we encounter. We all want to live in a better world, right?

Design the right thing

I create products that serve the right cause. With a user centered design approach I strive to create simple, usable and pleasant experiences. Bringing order to complexity.

Everyone has his own specialty. I love to utilize each other's knowledge and creativity. I'm working with you instead of working for you.

I create media products

tangible / virtual
online / offline
interactive / static

I combine technology and design to create a wide range of media products that make life simpler and more enjoyable.

  • Elckerlyc
    tangible / on + offline / interactive
    February 2013, see more..

    Elckerlyc is an interactive installation that helps you to shape a personal energy perspective through its control panel. The installation outputs a receipt that provides a tailor-made suggestion to effectively contribute to a sustainable environment.

    You set your information and preferences to create a personal energy profile. Then you can choose from a variety of categories, in which you want to contribute, as well as a the time span in which you want to contribute.

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    Demonstration video:

  • Online course lectures
    virtual / online / interactive
    June 2013, see more..

    I have been working as a video producer for The Centre for Innovation at Universiteit Leiden. As part of a motivated team, my job is to produce lecture video's for Massive Open Online Courses on the Coursera platform.

    Universiteit Leiden is the first Dutch university launching a series of MOOC's. The first course went live in the beginning of June 2013:

    The Law of the European Union: An Introduction
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Nice to meet you

I'm a 23 year old, Utrecht based, creative engineer with an urge to explore and explain.

As we speak I'm graduating for my Master's in Media Technology at Universiteit Leiden. I'm exploring aspects of numbers and researching ways to improve communicating scale.

Exploring cities and cultures · Tinkering with new technologies · Twitter · Vimeo · Apple products · Google Services · Cool Kickstarter projects · Music · Fashion · Art

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