Roy van Rooijen

My name is Roy and I'm a year old designer. I'm born with an urge to explore, explain and improve the world around us. And I'm based in the lively city of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Currently I'm working as a UX Designer at Label A. I design wireframes, flows and create interactive prototypes for a wide range of innovative clients.

Side project: ColorSpace

I've been working on a 3D Touch color matching game with FramerJS and it got published to the App Store!

The idea of the game:

Match the color of the box with the background color by finding the right hue, lightness and saturation on the x, y and 'force' axes. It has 10 levels and every level gets more difficult. Finishing all levels is quite difficult. So, good luck!

I also wrote an article about the process on Medium

ColorSpace promotion